Meant To Be

Meet the Real Egg

What do diamonds and eggs have in common?

Compare a real one to a fake one and you’ve got your answer.

Outwardly, they appear the same. Both are pristinely white and perfectly rounded. Both are delicate and fragile. But while one is a valuable gem, the other is a cheap imitation.

Once upon a time, a diamond – er, an egg, was a real egg. It was packed with precious nutrition that nourished mankind, providing valuable and healthy protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. These eggs came from chickens that were raised properly in a healthy, free environment. The eggs they laid were bursting with beneficial fats and all of the vitamins and minerals that the chickens absorbed from their nutritious diet.

By commercializing egg production, consumers were shortchanged. Instead of authentic gems, cheap imitations are flooding the market! Since both varieties appear the same outwardly, it is easy to rip us off by telling us that an egg is an egg. Imagine if you were told that a zirconium or a simple glass crystal was a diamond. Not everyone is a gemologist and would recognize the difference. Likewise, most consumers don’t realize how they are being tricked into purchasing and eating nutritiously inferior eggs.

Commercially produced eggs don’t come from farms (even if they are called such); they come from factories. The poor chickens are housed in huge, airless buildings without natural light. They are contained in tiny cages and are not allowed to roam freely. They are fed and washed in assembly-line fashion, spending their entire wretched lives in abhorrent conditions. While it is quite fascinating to watch an egg-factory churn out thousands of eggs into neatly stacked cartons, the end product is grossly inferior! The hormone and antibiotic-fed, abused and deprived chickens may be trying their best, but under the terrible circumstances it is impossible for their eggs to have full nutritional value.

Contrast that with MEANT TO BE’s authentic gem of an egg, and you will behold a true nutritional treasure. These eggs come from farms, raised with devotion and care by experienced and dedicated farming families. We invite you to come on an exciting tour with us to visit the farm where these golden eggs are laid.

Thank you for hopping along for the ride! The drive was pleasant enough, but now we stopped near rolling green hills. The air is pure and invigorating, giving us a boost just by breathing it in. As soon as we begin strolling among the grass, we see happy chickens pecking in the dirt, finding prized insects and other beneficial food. They greet us happily, as if smiling! What a contrast to the miserable, depressed chickens at the factory! Don’t forget that the chicken’s disposition when laying the egg has a direct bearing on its quality.

The chicken feed on the farm is carefully supplemented with nutritionally rich foods. All foods are GMO free, chemical free and soy free – not a minor feat by any standards! This prevents the estrogen-like effects that are so common today when soy, especially genetically modified soy, weaves its way into many foods.

The chicken-coops are mounted on mobiles, which enables them to be moved easily to greener pastures each day anew. Instead of making do with yesterday’s leftovers, the chickens feast each day on fresh food. They are exposed to sun and fresh air, and the resulting precious nutrients such as vitamins D, A and K2 find their way into the eggs in abundance. These vitamins are so rare today in our diets, accounting for many of our deficiencies and resulting symptoms and weaknesses. Our authentic eggs are bursting with true value, as can easily be seen in the color of the yolks. During the summer when the chickens roam around in the sunshine, the yolks are intensely dark, rich with nutrition, even more than their all-year-round invigorating color. Compare it to the pale, washed-out commercial eggs and you’ll never look at it the same way again.

Back at the farm, the farmer selects the best eggs and washes each one delicately with plain water, as opposed to the harsh chemicals used at the commercial egg factories. Because the eggs are handled delicately, without caustic chemicals, their natural protective coating remains intact, keeping the eggs completely fresh and fully protected from bacteria for many months.

There is another tremendous advantage with these eggs, especially significant for kosher consumers. Healthy eggs have always been available; however, those brands with higher standards of purity and nutrition usually had frequent blood spots, causing a major problem in kashrus. MEANT TO BE eggs are the very first eggs of its kind, virtually free of blood-drops (checking is still necessary as with any eggs), making it the perfect choice for the kosher kitchen.

When estimating the true value of each egg, considering the expensive chicken feed, manpower, and the lower egg-production rate due to the relaxed atmosphere at the farm (no hormones to multiply production rate!), each precious egg should have cost much more. We are fortunate that these specialty eggs are so affordable, at only $7 per dozen! Each priceless egg costs less than 60 cents – a true bargain when compared to the price of many junk-foods that offer no nutritional value.

MEANT TO BE eggs far surpass the quality of most other egg-brands with bragging labels. “Cage-free” usually means that the chickens are not confined to tiny cages, and are given more breathing space. They may also be allowed outdoors for a limited time, but they do not roam freely in the open fields all day, on limitless pastures. Even organic eggs are not necessarily rich in the above-mentioned important nutrients that only come from a truly superior diet that includes fresh grass. “Omega-3” eggs have only a fraction of the omega-3 fats of MEANT TO BE eggs, and usually lack the valuable DHA and EPA fats. No other brand of white eggs can boast of a soy-free diet! (Incidentally, many people who think they are allergic to eggs may actually be reacting to the soy in the chicken’s diet.)

Hey, did we just mention omega-3? Wait until we get started on that! Omega 3 is such a crucial part of a healthy diet, and is actually essential for good health. This healthy fat is so scarce today, due to the over-abundance of processed oils and commercial food-products. It is important to realize that there are various types of omega-3. MEANT TO BE eggs are bursting with health DHA and DPA, the truest and best brain-building, immune-supporting variety that is so critical for our vitality and wellbeing. Each egg contains a whopping 450 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. Yup, you can start thinking of your breakfast omelet

as a nutritional supplement. Better yet, think of it as authentic, wholesome nutrition, plain and simple like in the good old days, the way it was MEANT TO BE!

Don’t settle for a zirconium when you can have a real, priceless diamond for only a fraction of its true value – at $7 per dozen. Call 845-535-1354 to order your home-delivered eggs, straight from the farm, or to inquire about stores in your area that carry these specialty eggs. Start feeding your family real, nutritious food, the way it was MEANT TO BE.